Sunday 14 February 2016

Lies Most Women Tell About Sex

Woman lie about sex for two basic reasons: to protect a partner’s feelings or to make their sex lives sound more interesting than they actually are. Tonight I would take you through the 7 most common lies women tell when it comes to sex;

1.      Our Sex Is Just As Exciting As It Was In The Beginning
Sex can get better the longer you’re together in that it’s more intimate, loving and caring but it doesn’t get more exciting because the passion, lust and excitement need freshness to ignite. Ironically, it’s the couples who have the best relationships that suffer the most from a lack of desire. Ester Perel US psychotherapist says desire and love need very different things to keep them going, says. Love thrives on closeness, emotional security and predictability while lust feeds on uncertainty and ‘forbidden’ things. Most couples accept that sex moves from erotically charged to intimate and loving in return for having a great relationship. So while you can say ‘Our sex is just as good as it was in the beginning – albeit in a different way’, most people are simply protecting their partner’s feelings by saying it’s just as exciting.

2.      I Had An Orgasm When You Did
The whole “we came together” line has been around forever and refuses to go away despite evidence that consistently tells us simultaneous orgasm is rare. most women take much longer to orgasm than men do, so the man most times cum before the girl even get to the halfway point.

3.      We Have Sex All The Time
The 2012 National Survey of Attitudes and Lifestyles shows that the average married couples have sex less than once a week. That’s a far cry from the 2.5 times a week figure that’s bandied about and one hell of a lot lower than couples who claim to be doing it every day. 
4.      I Have Never Faked An Orgasm
Not every women get orgasm and this is because during intercourse women orgasm just 25 per cent of time so if a woman tells you she has never faked orgasm then she is lying. Statistics vary wildly on how often women pretend to orgasm when they haven’t but a reasonable figure is around 80 per cent of women have faked orgasm at some point while 60 per cent fake on a regular basis.

5.      I Never Watch Porn
Yes there is no doubt the percentage of men that women are more than the percentage of women but is not to say that women don’t also watch porn. Research as at that 55 per cent of women watch some kind of erotica once a month, 40 per cent watch porn weekly and 96 per cent have watched it with a partner at some point.

6.      I Don’t Masturbate
This is far worse than porn in terms of denial by a woman, while some guys can brag about them jerking off, most women claim they don’t and that is a lie. A research in 2010 by Debbie Herbenick from Indiana University suggests men aren’t quite as solo sex obsessed as previously thought. Herbenick found that 51.7 per cent of women aged 25 – 29 masturbate.

7.      I Don’t Talk About Our Sex Problems To Anyone Else
This is another big fat lie women tell and according to a recent US survey, 63 per cent of women said they have confided in a third party about a problem in a long-term relationship while 73 per cent said someone else confided in them. 37.7 per cent of the problems discussed were about sex and 50.8 about sexual infidelity.

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