Monday 28 March 2016

#AHVideoAnalysis: Absolute Hearts Video Analysis

Happy Easter Monday, hope you all are enjoying the holiday? Well on Absolute Hearts Video Analysis there are no holidays as we make sure we always bring to you the best of video analysis you won’t find anywhere.  Please note that we have launched the official social media hashtag for the video analysis, the hashtag is #AhVideoAnalysis. You can now follow this hashtag on social media to read up the best music video analysis straight outta Naija, without any further ado here is what we have for you

1.      Small Doctor ft Olamide- You Know: I just like it when a video gives you details about what the song is actually saying and this is exactly what the director of this video did. Unlimited L.A gave the video life by interpreting virtually everything that was said in the song and that is a pass mark. The rating for this video would be 8/10.
2.      May D- I Wanna Know: Cool song I must say but this video wasn’t up to standard, I understand the fact that the director wanted something different but the story he was trying to tell wasn’t really clear. Though I must say I like the whole native costume which was expected since na farm setting dem use. All in all the rating for this video directed by Lucad Ried would be a 5/10.
3.      DJ Spinall ft Wande Coal X 2Baba Money: Big ups to the director of this video, the concept of DJ Snipall leaving the house with stack of money and using that money not to flex but giving it to people who needed the most. The video was simple and clear enough as it showed that DJ Snipall is indeed loaded and the rating for the video would be 7/10.
4.      Olamide- Abule Sowo:  This might go down as one of the best video directed by Adasa Cookey, the concept and costume in the video were on point. This video promoted the rich culture of the Yoruba people in terms of the costume, settings, dance and of course the masquerades that were dancing along the rocks. The rating for this video would be 9/10.
5.      Joe El- Gbemisoke: Very simple and nice video, the story was clear enough and it went along with the song. A typical grass to grace story once more nice video and the rating would be 8/10.

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