Wednesday 23 March 2016

Blake Shelton Wanted Gwen Stefani to Mentor His Voice Team Because She's Hot

Many might have wondered why Blake Shelton picked girlfriend Gwen Stefani to mentor his team on The Voice this season, well the truth is out. The truth came out when the current voice coach introduced his mentor to two singers from his team who were performing in the Battle Rounds on Monday night.

After some adorable flirting between the couple, Shelton introduced the great Gwen Stefani to the first two competitors of the episode. Adam Wakefield and Jared Harder dueted on the country hit Can't You See by the Marshall Tucker Band.

Stefani said “Blake wanted to bring in an expert to help you guys, so he called me, I'm getting there though. I love working outside of my lane”. That might've been a joke about her lack of country music prowess, but it is an accurate assessment of the superstar's dominance in the music industry.  Plus, quipped Blake, She's hot!

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