Wednesday 9 March 2016

#GameofThrones: Expectations From Game Of Thrones Season 6 (View trailer}

Yes, Dany, Bran, Cersei and the rest (including Jon Snow, more on him below) are back and while they're probably not better than ever, they're certainly more intense. Set to James Vincent McMorrow’s cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, the trailer was a rush of images and tid bits from the new season, some speeding by too quickly to fully comprehend. But never fear, guys, we at Entertain This! are here to obsess over every single tiny little detail. We break down the very, very packed trailer into the five things you absolutely need to know.

1. We have no confirmation that Jon is alive or dead
We hear the gruff tones of what sounds like Davos and see a sweeping shot of Jon Snow lying on the ground, dead. And it means ... absolutely nothing. A corpse does not prevent Jon from being resurrected or from warging into Ghost (our top two Jon Snow is Alive Theories). Not even the shot of someone apparently closing Jon's eyes is proof that he's gone. Or the bit at the end where Davos picks up his sword is not enough, either. Sorry HBO. Try a little harder next time.

2. Melisandre is having some troubles

Our (least) favorite red woman is not the confident seer of the future she once was. She's questioning her visions and looking distinctly down. Not to mention later in the trailer we see her disrobing and an image of what looks like her in the clutches of passion with Yara, Theon's sister. Has she traded her allegiance to the Iron Islands? Has she disavowed the Red God? Regardless, something is wrong with her.

3. Dany is alive, but not necessarily OK

The trailer shows her walking among the people of the Khlasar, not chained or locked up in anyway. However, most members of the Khlasar ride horses, if you recall from Season 1. Slaves and those who have been dishonored walk. It looks like Dany -- who has been crusading against slavery for six seasons -- may have become one. Good thing it appears Jorah is headed in her direction on his rescue mission (although Tyrion does not look like he's in great shape back in Meereen).

4. Cersei has not been shamed

Did you think that nun and a naked walk at the end of season five would put Cersei out of commission? Goodness gracious no. The Queen Mother has her lover/brother Jaime back, she has the zombified corpse of the Mountain and she has her pure force of will. The High Sparrow, Tommen and anyone else who gets in her way better watch the heck out. Also, can't wait to see how many "I choose violence" memes there already are out in the world.

5. Bran is back and with the White Walker king?!!?

Hi Bran! Glad to see you're back and that both puberty has treated you well and you found a pair a scissors north of the Wall! But seriously, seriously folks, let us talk about that moment. Because HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT. It was Bran having the White Walker king sneak up on him, that's what it was. But let's think about this for one second. In the very, very fast clip we see Bran standing with the White Walker king suddenly behind him. That would indicate to us that this moment is a vision. Whether it's a vision of things to come or of things that have already happened (cough Hardhome, cough cough) it's unclear. But regardless, it's pretty much insane. Because regardless of when Bran is seeing him, the fact that he is would indicate that the White Walkers are coming. And suddenly all the little squabbles don't seem that important anymore.

Watch the trailer below

Source:USA Today

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