Wednesday 2 March 2016

Iggy Azalea Speaks About Her Plastic Surgery

Iggy Azalea wasn't afraid to open up about her plastic surgery after getting a breast augmentation and a nose job last year, and she hopes to set an example for other women, too. Covering the April 2016 issue of Elle Canada, Iggy chats about plastic surgery and how the world needs to change its perspective on it.

She told the publication “I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures. That's just the reality and I think more people need to admit that sh*t so it doesn't have to be so taboo because we're all doing it anyway. I wanted to change my nose because I didn't grow up with a bump on it—that happened when I got smashed in the face with a soccer ball when I was 16," she revealed. "Now I feel like my nose looks the way it's supposed to look”.

Iggy questioned the conflict between telling a woman to love herself and chastising her for wanting to change herself to feel more confident saying “Everyone tells you that you should love your body the way it is but then it is bad to say that you want to change something about yourself not because you want to look like someone else, just because you want to? What's wrong with that? There's nothing black and white about beauty or plastic surgery. There are no guarantees that it will fix how you feel about yourself. All of those women who criticize someone for having surgery if they had $10 million in their account tomorrow, I'd dare them not to change one thing about themselves or at least think about it...And there's nothing wrong with that”.

Iggy just hopes the world will stop shaming women for their decisions about their own bodies in the future, and rather applaud them for whatever makes them happy.

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