Tuesday 22 March 2016

Kim Kardashian Reveals How Much Weight She's Lost After Giving Birth

Kim Kardashian took to her blog on Monday for one of her repeated features titled Current in which she reveals her momentary loves, dislikes, obsessions and so on.  Kim revealed she's back to wearing her workout clothes because they are fitting again, noting that she wants more things to start fitting again, too.

The mother-of-two revealed she had gained 52 lbs. during her second pregnancy and planned to stick to a healthy regimen of eating and working out in order to shed the weight after giving birth. In January, she announced she teamed up with Atkins to help her get back in shape.

She tweeted “Teaming up w/ @AtkinsInsider because it works for me! So much variety on #Atkins40 and Harvest Trail Bars = YUM. I'm so excited! I'm 30 lbs down today but 40 to go! I'm so focused. I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy but have been an extra 10 lbs up for the last few years so it's time to really get to my goal...This is going to be soooo fucking hard but I can do it and I can't wait to share it all with you! #BeastMode #WhosWithMe ?!?!?!”

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