Friday 18 March 2016

Scandal's Fake Election or America's Real One, Which Is Crazier?

Art isn't exactly imitating life on ABC's Scandal, but it's definitely following a similar path as the show's fake presidential election is swinging into full gear just as the real-life American one is heating up.

Star Bellamy Young (Mellie Grant) is just beginning her presidential campaign said that Scandal has only just begun. She said “The greatest thing is you haven't even scratched the surface yet. There's so much more to come. Our writers are having such a great time exploring our primary at the same time that a real primary is happening. I think you'll see a lot more interesting candidates emerge, even this week!” Former First Lady Mellie Grant, sitting Vice President Susan Ross and new up-and-comer Governor Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) have all decided to run.

Joe Morton, who plays the super-scary Papa Pope, says not to count anyone else out. He said “If you look at the statistics, Susan has the president on her side, so that's a big plus for someone who's running for the White House. Mellie has all kinds of op problems in that she's the ex-wife running so that's a difficulty for her, and we have to find out who else is running!”

Kerry Washington is happy that the show might inspire fans to engage politically in real life. She said “It's wonderful that what Shonda Rhimes and the other Scandal writers are doing is so relevant and so exciting and I hope that it actually makes people even more interested in what's going on in real life so that we all participate at the level that we need to”.

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