Tuesday 29 March 2016

Selena Gomez May as Well Just Marry Justin Bieber

Three years and 4 1/2 months after now 22-year-old Justin and 23-year-old Selena broke up for the first time, tracing the ups and downs of their roller-coaster romance, breakup, reconciliation, breakup, friendship, social media trickery, song lyrics and public commentary remains a valid pastime. And despite myriad evidence that this will prove to be a fruitless pursuit in the end, practically no one on earth has given up on the idea that Bieber and Gomez belong together.

No offense to Jessica Biel, but J.T. and Britney 4-ever, right? And sure, Miley Cyrus is all happy 'n' engaged, but she and Nick Jonas were the cutest. From the days of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart to Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling to Brenda and Dylan, there are some couplings (real or scripted) that are just too iconic to abandon—even if they ended up with other people or if it was through death did they part.

Bogie & Bacall (the Golden Age version of a celeb nickname) were only married for 12 years before he died in 1957—but Bacall, who passed away in 2014, was forever linked to the man who was deemed to be the greatest love of her life. But is Justin Bieber the greatest love of Selena Gomez's life? Though it seems as though there was never a time when they, as a unit, weren't a Thing, they've only been on the world's radar for a few years. And it couldn't be more too soon to tell whether they will really be remembered forever, considering how impossibly young they still are and how fleeting fame can be, even for on-top-of-the-world-right-now types like them.

Dating and relationships may be different in 2016 than in 1945, but human nature hasn't changed all that much. And nowadays, the Internet is there to ensure that a memory—or a photo, a video, a tweet, a brilliant comment, a dumb comment, etc.—does last forever, whether it's one you want to remember or not. Moreover, perhaps Jelena's youth actually makes no difference as to how iconic they're destined to be. Lauren Bacall was 19 when she met Humphrey Bogart on the set of The Big Sleep and, boom, branded for life.

And Gomez, who could understandably still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend whom nobody will ever let her forget, would be the first to acknowledge how impossible it is to distance one's self from another person once the rest of the world has latched on for dear life to the idea of you as a twosome. The "Heart Wants 
What It Wants" singer (well, that song wasn't going to help her cause any) hasn't dated much, having been vaguely linked to DJ-producer Zedd and spotted out and about with other fine young gentlemen here and there. But even if she did get into another serious relationship...it would take someone seemingly more perfect for her than Bieber to turn the tide. And who in the heck would that be?
Selena has also insisted that her life isn't about her ex and has tried her damndest to steer the conversation to her music, her clothing lines, her acting, her platonic friendships...any non-Bieber topic, basically. But that's all been for naught. She once found love with Bieber and, for  better or worse, that's what the People still want for her.

So Selena may as well just settle down with Justin, if not downright marry the kid. There's always the chance that they are meant to be, and the glitzy drama is overshadowing what could one day be a solid relationship. Or, the sooner this plays out, the greater the chance there is that Jelena's biggest fans may at least grow out of it, or see that there could be some merit to each of them moving on for good. Though they won't, because no one ever does. Who doesn't love a romance for the ages, even if it's ultimately just ages 18 to 23?

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