Tuesday 29 March 2016

#StoryTuesday The Virgin (Season Two, Episode 7) #TheVirgin

Okay, some weeks ago we started the second season the our Story Tuesday story titled The Virgin, If you missed last episode please click #StoryTuesday: The Virgin (Season Two, Episode 6). Read season two,episode 7 below

His plan for the day was simple, meet up with Tawio and later in the day hook up with Anayo who had called late last night about some parole he wanted them to run together but all that change when he heard a knock on his door.

Though his plan didn't change that much because at the end he still saw both Tawio and Anayo but not in the way he had planned it. His plan with Tawio was to take her to the cinemas after that find a cool spot like a park or garden where they could just chill and talk and as for Anayo they were suppose to meet at his house because according to Anayo the parole go happen for him house.   Even though Anayo didn't first of all tell him what kind of parole they were going to run, Abayomi had a feeling girls and alcohol were going to be involved that  was why in his initial plan, he was going to discharge Tawio by 7pm.

They both slept naked after having more than three hours of exhausting and breathtaking sex, Kessie had never witnessed sex that good in her life before but for Sarah it’s been a while she did such, in fact the last she did such was when they just resumed and she was feeling kind of blue and needed someone to cheer her up, she came to this very house and Tawio brought out these same set of toys and the rest,  well,  like Tawio would say, was fascinating.

They didn't leave their hostel early, they stayed to do some cooking and that was because Sarah had called Tawio to confirm if she had food stuff in the house and she said no, so Sarah decided it was best for them to cook something and take it along. This was after Kessie suggested that they should buy some alcohol along instead of going to the club. By some minutes past 6 they got to Tawio place and by 6:30 they decided to sleep over and that was after Marie T had called Kessie to inform her that she won’t be returning home that night but to their surprise around some minute to 10 Marie T started calling but after awhile when she didn't pick Marie T sent a message which read “Change of plan I would be coming home, can I get you anything?” She thought of replying but Sarah told her not to because if she did reply then she would also have to tell T they didn't sleep at home, she suggested that it would be better for them to just ignore it and face her in the morning and Kessie agreed to it.

The night started with Sarah telling Kessie about her relationship with Tawio, how it all started and how it all ended, she even went as far as telling her why T didn't like Tawio that much. Kessie was really shocked when she found out that Taiwo, Marie T and Sarah were very good friends until something happened which Sarah couldn’t explain because she didn't know but what kept on ringing in her mind was the part were Sarah told her that she and Tawio were disflowered by the same guy on the same day. In as much as that sounds crazy in her head she wanted to have something like that, have sex with a guy and a girl at the same time so as Sarah told her story she teased her with the idea if they could do such one day but to her surprise Sarah declined.

Kessie: Wow Sarah are you for real? so what happened why did Marie T change, wetin Tawio do am?
Sarah: I wish I knew my dear, I tried asking them both of them but Marie T wouldn’t say and Tawio insisted that she didn't do anything to her.

Kessie: Na wa oooo anyway enough of T and Tawio drama I wanna hear about you and Taiwo, when did you guys break up? 

Sarah: Well I won’t say we broke up, if there is one thing I like Tawio for it’s the fact that she says it the way it is and that is why after we broke up,  let me use it like that, we still remained friend.

Sarah: Remember I told you we were both disflowered by the same guy but that wasn't the whole story, some months after we got disflowered, Tawio came to me with a confession that would have broken my heart but there is a way Tawio would give you bad news and you would end up seeing it as a good news.

Kessie: What was the bad news?

At this point they could tell they were both tipsy because they were already consuming the second bottle of Vodka that they bought on their way over to Tawio’s house.

Sarah: Tawio came to me to tell me that she wasn't interested in the relationship anymore, normally I was suppose to feel bad and down because she was not just my first love but she was also my friend and you know how relationships works once you stop dating someone,  you stop being friends with that person. That wasn't our case sha because I was able to understand where she was coming from, she told me she didn't want to be a lesbian anymore that she prefers the original feeling of having a man penis inside her. 

Kessie: Chai Tawio na bad girl oooo (she cuts in)

Sarah: Trust me she is badder than you think, after saying that she then asked me if I would be okay with it and I said yes then that was when she threw in the killer punch, she said she had been having sex with that same guy that disflowered us

Kessie: Wow, she was cheating on you with Dayo?

Sarah: Technically, yes but she didn't put it that way, she said I shouldn’t see it as cheating because she never had sex with another girl and she would never have sex with any other girl aside me plus it is not as if she loves the guy, she said it was just an experimental phase and now that she knows what she is looking for she decided to come to tell me

Kessie: So what now happened?

Sarah: Well nothing, that was it, I accepted it like that I even asked her to give me more gists about how sex with Dayo always made her feel.

Kessie: so you saying right now she is no more a lesbian?

Sarah: Yes oooo because if she is then we would still be dating

Kessie: Thank God for that, because I can’t imagine having to share you with her, though I would really want us to share the same guy together one of these days

Sarah: hahahaha na that one still dey your head sorry to disappoint I can’t, you know I tried after Tawio said she was going to swing the other way, I decided to do the same, dated some few guys but I didn't enjoy the sex at all I wasn't always satisfied, I wasn't always happy so that was how I knew sex with guys aint my thing
Hmm that cool I guess, so I guess you're  all mine” Kessie said as she moved closer to her and they started kissing and that was how the whole story telling ended and the love making started.

In his mind he had thought about what Anayo said concerning dating Tawio so he had planned that when they see today he was going to be on his A-game and give her all the scoping there was to give but he had to abandon that plan when he opened his door and saw the person that was knocking.
 He was so shocked and flabbergasted that he froze for like 45 seconds when he saw Kessie standing across him and when he finally found his tongue after swallowing spit for like 3 times in between that 45seconds he said “What the hell are you looking for, are you lost or something?

Join us again next week........................ 

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