Friday 4 March 2016

Things To Do Not To Loose Your Phone Contacts Even If You Loose Your Phone

There used to be a time when losing your phone meant losing all your contacts. Back in the glory days of feature phones, a lot of us would rather save our contacts on our SIM cards than have them on the phone. This is because even if you eventually need to flash your phone, your contacts are still intact right there on the SIM. However, losing that phone meant losing everything.

The world has gone past that and in this modern age, losing a phone shouldn’t mean losing important data. Cloud storage has always been an insurance against data loss but unfortunately, it isn’t receiving much attention in a country like Nigeria. Still, it’s unthinkable to claim you lost your phone contacts just because your phone got missing or stolen. If you’re using a smartphone and understand the basics of using the Internet, you have no excuse.

It’s rather surprising to still see people announcing on social media about losing their contacts in the event of a phone loss.

Contacts Synchronization With Google On Android
Almost everyone with an Android phone has a Google account. At least, for Google Play, right? With this, you should always have your phone contacts automatically backed up to your Google account. Even if you lose your Android phone and eventually got another one, all you need to do is just enter your Google account details, enable contacts sync and you should get it all back.

If you’ve an account already, go to Settings > Accounts > select your Google account and ensure that contacts synchronization is enabled.

Contacts Synchronization With iCloud on iOS
With an iOS device, you can still choose to sync contacts from your Google account. This is even more preferable especially if you’re on both Android and iOS. This keeps your contacts updated on both devices.

If you still want to do it the Apple way, be sure to enable iCloud from Settings and see that contacts synchronization is turned on even if you choose to turn off other features.

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