Friday 1 April 2016

Bradley Cooper Circling New Max Landis Sci-Fi Script Deeper

After closing a lucrative deal with Netflix to the tune of $90 million for David Ayer’s Bright Chronicle scribe Max Landis has sparked a new bidding war over sci-fi script Deeper.

That’s according to THR revealing that Bradley Cooper is circling. Landis’ latest spec dates back to November, where the industrious scribe first unveiled Deeper as a claustrophobic deep-sea thriller. Kornel Mundruczo, the European helmer behind White God, is reportedly attached to direct.

In essence, the maritime drama centers on the story of a former astronaut who dives beneath the waves to explore a newly-discovered deep sea trench. Plunging deeper than even the Marianas Trench, the fissure opens up access to the deepest parts of the ocean, and all of the murky mysteries that reside there.
According to THR, Paramount, Bold Films and Fox Searchlight are some of the early parties that have declared interest in Deeper, and we’ll update you if and when those negotiations progress any further.

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