Sunday 3 April 2016

Floyd Mayweather Dismisses Adrien Broner's Challenge

Floyd Mayweather has laughed off Adrien Broner's challenge for him to come out of retirement to face him. After claiming a nine-round technical knockout victory over Ashley Theophane in Washington on Friday night, Broner challenged Mayweather to return to the ring to face him.

The unbeaten former welterweight king dismissed Broner's call out and suggested the 26years old who is facing assault and robbery charges should instead focus on keeping himself out of trouble. Mayweather said: “Today is April's Fools and that was the biggest joke of the night. I want him to continue to go out there and fight and win. What's important for Adrien is not just winning, it is life after boxing. That is very, very important. I can remember when I was young, I never had a Floyd Mayweather to steer me the right way. Don't be like me Adrien, be better than me. There are so many huge fights out there. You have got guys like Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter - those are just two names. We'll see what the future holds for Adrien Broner. I wish him nothing but the best”.

Those comments are in stark contrast to the views Mayweather expressed earlier in the week on Broner. Speaking on Thursday, Mayweather said “Adrien Broner, his nickname is 'The Problem' - I think he has a lot of problems. One thing I'm trying to find out about Adrien Broner - is he a boxing promoter, is he a rapper or is he a gangster?

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