Sunday 3 April 2016

Patrick J. Adams’ Legends Of Tomorrow Role Revealed

Last night it was announced that Suits actor Patrick J. Adams had been cast as a mysterious DC character who’s set to make his debut in the season finale of The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and now, thanks to a new rumour we might just know who it is.

All we had to go on prior to this was a hint that the mysterious hero would be a fun character the fans will love, and should this turn out to be true, that’s certainly accurate: word is Adams will be playing none other than original ’40s era Green Lantern, Alan Scott.
Scott was reinvented for DC’s New 52 as a much younger man, who also happened to be gay. This would be a great opportunity for The CW to introduce another LGBT character, but it remains to be seen if they go with that version  or if this rumor pans out at all for that matter.

Legends of Tomorrow season finale airs on May 19th

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