Monday 4 April 2016

Plenty Of Answered Promised In Synopsis For Upcoming Episode Of Legends Of Tomorrow

The description for the twelfth episode of Legends of Tomorrow has been released and it sheds some light on both what’s next for the ragtag team and promises answers in regards to their leader’s backstory.

Here’s the lengthy synopsis:

The team is targeted by The Pilgrim, a deadly assassin who wants to erase the Legends from the timeline by killing their younger, non-superhero selves. As a protective countermeasure, Rip decides Sara , Snart, Rory, Professor Stein and Jax need to kidnap their past selves first before The Pilgrim gets to them. Coming face-to-face with the younger versions of themselves proves to be both a physical and emotional challenge for certain members of the team who would rather forget their past. Rip tells them he has a refuge for their precious cargo  an orphanage that raises future Time Masters and where he himself grew up. Rachel Talalay directed the episode written by Chris Fedak & Matthew Maala,

Having the Legends of Tomorrow meet younger versions of themselves sounds like a lot of fun and is a great use of the show’s time travel formula.

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