Saturday 2 April 2016

Scott Disick Caught in Bed With Kendall Jenner

In the videos, Kourtney Kardashian documents herself looking around her home for Kendall Jenner. Kylie Jenner, who happens to be lounging in Kourt's foyer, tells her to look in the office because she hasn't seen her.

Kourtney then takes the camera with her while she checks out multiple rooms in her home before stumbling on a guest bedroom. “Wait, who is she in here with?” Kourtney is overheard saying before catching a glimpse of Kendall and Scott Disick snuggling up next to one another in bed!

Kourt immediately goes “what the…” while she chases Scott out of her home and tells him, “You're so sick, you're so inappropriate, like, what is wrong with you? Scott bursts through her front gate and storms onto the driveway before turning around and shouting, “April Fools!”

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