Wednesday 25 May 2016

Adam Sandler And David Spade Call The Do-Over In Final Trailer

If the critical pummelling directed at The Ridiculous Six affected Netflix and Adam Sandler’s enthusiasm for original content, the pair aren’t showing it. In only a few days’ time, Sandler will be blasting onto the streaming service once again in the form of action-comedy The Do-Over, and today brings forth a decidedly NSFW new trailer.

Acting as the second movie in the pair’s five-picture deal, The Do-Over is coming by way of director Steven Brill reuniting the divisive actor with a whole host of familiar faces. Key among those is David Spade, who will be rubbing shoulders with Adam Sandler as his newfound buddy in crime. Struggling to come to terms with the regular 9-t0-5, Sandler’s bank manager finds his life unceremoniously upended by the arrival of Spade, who convinces our lead to fake his own death and plot course for a fresh start in a foreign country. If it’s a bad idea on paper, The Do-Over projects a frankly ludicrous, R-rated scenario as a result.

On board for the buddy cop flick are Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Luis Guzman, Michael Chiklis, Sean Astin, Catherine Bell, Natasha Leggero and Nick Swardson.
Look for The Do-Over to muscle its way onto Netflix’s streaming catalog on Friday, May 27.


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