Friday 27 May 2016

First Trailer For Morgan

The haunting first trailer for Luke Scott’s directorial debut, Morgan, a brainy sci-fi thriller that has Kate Mara and Co. confront the titular, unruly and terrifyingly sentient artificial life form. Like a darker version of Alex Garland’s brilliant Ex Machina, Morgan opens in a top-secret research lab where – surprise! – their synthetic test subject blows past just about everyone’s expectations to become a rapidly evolving, trans-human being. Stepping into the shoes of Morgan is Anya Taylor-Joy and today’s teaser trailer builds up her quasi-reveal rather masterfully.

There’s also a pair of screenshots for Scott’s feature included in the gallery below, while the filmmaker also touched base on the existential themes coursing through the veins of Morgan in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He said “What ‘Morgan’ really alludes to is human beings becoming, in a sense, the creator. Not in a traditional religious sense, but an idea that we have the capabilities to become our own creator. And what I suspect could happen it’s the creation of a being that is greater than the creator.”

Morgan boots online on September 2. Paul Giamatti and Toby Jones also star.


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