Monday 23 May 2016

Jose Mourinho Will Have Success At Manchester United- Phil Neville

Former Manchester United defender Phil Neville has said that Jose Mourinho will be successful at Old Trafford but will not stay there long. Mourinho will replace current manager Louis van Gaal, despite the Dutch boss leading United to an FA Cup trophy on Saturday.

While Manchester United have so far declined to comment, Van Gaal told reporter James Cooper that it's over as he left the team's hotel in London on Sunday Many United fans have been unhappy with the 64-year-old after the Reds had a disappointing season in the Premier League, which saw them finish in fifth place.

Phil Neville says Jose Mourinho will not stay at Manchester United for long, The 53years old, a two-time manager of Chelsea, has won trophies in numerous European leagues but, since his first spell at Stamford Bridge, which ended in 2007, he has never stayed at one club for longer than three years and three months.

Neville said he believed Mourinho would not manage the Reds for long saying “I can't see him staying too long at Man United, maybe two or three years, that seems to be his shelf life at a football club. When Jose finishes at a club it tends to be a pattern where he falls out with a few players, he gets disgruntled and the team dips. It happened at Chelsea, it certainly happened at Real Madrid where there were rumours he fell out with a few players. It's a pattern with Jose, he comes into a club, he gets success but he doesn't stay for too long”.


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