Tuesday 24 May 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Accident (Episode Two) #TheAccident

We started this story last week with episode one. Read episode one > #StoryTuesday: The Accident (Episode One). Read episode two below:

Three Months Before The Accident

Today was going to be the last cds meeting Tunde was going to attend because finally his cds had elected a new president and he had handed over everything to the new president but Tunde went to see the L.G..I considering the his personal project that he started in that Takuti.

The first time Tunde got to his local government the L.G.I Mr. Hassan while addressing every corper that was posted to his jurisdiction he said “aside from your cds project I want a corper from this local government to embark on a project that would win the governor’s award and I believe that person is here”.

It was the part win the governor award that stock with Tunde and since that moment onward he has been thinking of the project he was going to embark on but he didn't get the right idea until three months after that day when he was welcoming the batch B corpers which his best friend Chucks was among.

Tunde: Guy no forget, if L.G.I don reach office make you call me

Chucks: Abeg make I hear word because you don stop to dey come cds now wetin you dey feel like. I no get credit to call

Tunde: hahahaha Chucks you be mumu, no worry very soon you self go stop na just matter of time.

Chucks: Oh boi forget that thing after today I no go go again till na clearance, na wetin I go dey do now, I would only go to cds on clearance day.

Tunde: Hahahaha, what if they do head count, plus what would you be doing if you don't go to cds

Chucks: If they want to do head count I would know, C.L.O would inform those people that are staying in the far village and I get one babe for there, so there is no way there would do head count that I won’t know.

Tunde: That's true, I have forgotten about that babe for Agegi...what's are name again

Chucks: Rita

Tunde: Yes, Rita....as I no dey see am for here again I believe say una don end things because I know that's your thing, you can’t stay with a girl more than three month.

Chucks: Hahahaha what do you mean, what about Cynthia?

Tunde: We know Cyhthia's case was different na she no gree leave you

Chucks:  Na u sabi, I don't have time for love, it exhausting and hurtful

Tunde: Hahahaha Chucks change oooo, we no dey 100 or 200level again, it was those times we don't really care about girls and emotion but now jungle don mature better find serious relationship before your monkey begin use clipper.

Chucks: No worry after service I go serious for now let me flex...

Present Day

After the judge took his seat, the case was read out by the Whip and it was after that the lawyers began their open statement. While the lawyers were arguing out their case, Tunde’s mind was on what would happen to his mother if he was convicted, how would she cope?  


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