Thursday 9 June 2016

Characters Who Should Be On Season 3 Of Gotham

Gotham is now entering a transitory period: its early years are ending and it begins on the road to its middle seasons. Shifts in focus and theme are to be expected to keep things fresh and new characters will no doubt be introduced. Perhaps the most exciting prospect of the last season were the strong hints that Jim may take a back seat during season 3, making way for Bruce’s growth as a young man and a detective.

Here are list of characters who deserve a spot in the third season of Gotham, if for no other reason than to help Bruce along in his development towards becoming the iconic hero we know and love.

1) Zur En Arrh

Assembled from childhood memories shattered by the trauma of his parents’ death, Zur En Arrh was basically Bruce’s hall pass through insanity, a psychological entity that allowed him to protect his mind from villains who would prey on it. It was a vessel of unfiltered rage and anger, vengeance personified.

2) Sofia Falcone-Gigante

Coming across like a feminist Michael Corleone, Sofia is the heir to the Falcone crime empire. A strong female character in every sense possible, she has the credentials of being part of a classic, 1996’s The Long Halloween. Utterly devoted to the Falcone family (her father Carmine in particular), she is willing to go to any lengths to ensure its position as the ruling class of Gotham’s crime industry.
What would make her inclusion most interesting is the standing her father Carmine currently finds himself in: broken in both mind and wallet. She could easily act as the catalyst for his return, which would the crime boss the motivation required to take revenge on those who deposed him.

3) The Creeper

Pretty much DC’s answer to Deadpool, The Creeper’s leap to the screen has been teased for years. He first turned heads in the classic 90’s Batman animated series, and his cult followers have been waiting for him to get a larger role in the Arkham video games. He’s part of a line of self knowing superheroes who are in on the joke of superheroism. A self aggrandizing reporter named Jack Ryder on good days, on the bad ones, he transforms into a yellow skinned, acrobatic loon who strips down to his underwear and makes fun of Batman by beating up criminals. What stops him from being dispatched in seconds via shotgun blast is the healing factor given to him by a mad scientist.

4) Adrian Chase

Created in 1983 by the legendary Marv Wolfman, he was a quiet reply to Marvel’s resident eternal warrior, Frank Castle. Like Castle, Chase was also spurred into action by tragedy. A District Attorney who tried to prosecute the wrong mobster, his family was killed in retaliation. In return, Chase began a campaign against those who wronged him. While he was driven by the same cold revenge that Castle was, he was nowhere near as confident. Untrained, unrefined and unsure of his ability to fight crime in this way, Chase’s career was very much trial by fire.
He eventually consolidated his doubts into a fragile moral code: he only allowed himself the use of lethal force in the most extreme cases. How long such an ambiguous code can last was what made the series so thrilling, as he became both a sympathetic hero and a despicable anarchist.

5) Prometheus

Despite debuting less than twenty years ago, Prometheus has gathered one of the most dedicated cult followings amongst villains in all of comicdom. With only a tiny cameo in 2009’s Arkham Asylum to go by, his supporters took to the forums to campaign for a more substantial showing, and for good reason.
He’s also an orphan who loved his parents deeply, much like a certain Wayne enterprises CEO. Unlike Bruce’s parents, however, Prometheus’ folks were murderous thieves who thought nothing of collateral damage, which is what led to their demise at the hands of the police. Due to this, we don’t know his real name, age or any further details whatsoever.

6) Shiva

A true fan favorite due to the impact she has had in the comics, she’s a highly trained, enigmatic lone wolf. Shiva will often ignore League protocol and follow her own path, training several people who would one day become her enemies, Batman included. Despite this, she maintains the respect of the League’s leader Ra’s Al Ghul, who views her as one of his most trustworthy and valuable servants.
While Shiva’s ruthless nature rubs off on Bruce, she in turn is exposed to his earnestness and decency, calling her duty to Ra’s into question. She would have to choose between allowing herself to become Bruce’s enemy, or lead him further into the League’s brutal doctrine.

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