Sunday 26 June 2016

Expect To See Artemis In Arrow Season 5

With casting for Arrow Season 5 well underway, we have already found out several of the new heroes and villains we will see next on the show that started DC’s interconnected universe on The CW. One of the latest bits of news to come to light has a bit of a twist – Artemis is coming to the series, but we’ve already met the actress who will be playing her!

Remember the impostor Black Canary from last season’s episode titled “Canary Cry”? Well, I hope you do, because Evelyn Sharp (played by Madison McLaughlin) got the taste for street justice and apparently liked it. Expect her to return in Season 5, Episode 2 to kick off a multiple episode arc that will see her evolve into the masked vigilante known as Artemis. Yes, the show is gaining another archer, assuming she elects to pick up bow and arrow like her animated counterpart.

Given the fact that she will likely become an apprentice of the Green Arrow, it seems far more likely that the show’s producers will take heavy inspiration from the popular animated series Young Justice, which saw Artemis as a member of the principal cast. This iteration of the character was the offspring of Sportmaster and Huntress and, despite a complicated personal life, became a true hero as she fought alongside the Emerald Archer.

During the course of the show’s second season, she went undercover using the identity of Tigress, a nod to her comic book origins. I just wouldn’t expect an eventual evolution into Tigress on Arrow considering that Gotham has had their own version of the character in the form of Tabitha Galavan.

Arrow returns for its fifth season on Wednesday, October 5 on The CW.

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