Saturday 18 June 2016

First Image For Toonami’s Samurai Jack Series

If Genndy Tartakovsky is prepping for his Samurai Jack swan song with Toonami’s 2016 series, then the esteemed animator is about to close the book on the beloved and über-stylish series with style.
It’ll be much darker than Jack’s previous outings, too, picking up a full 50 years after the events of season 4. That’s a jet-black tone reflected in the first image for Samurai Jack‘s triumphant return, which has now surfaced from the ongoing Annecy animation festival. Weighing in with 10 episodes that span 5 hours in total, here’s your first electrifying peek at a bearded, battle-ready Jack.

Set to premiere via Adult Swim, Genndy Tartakovsky will helm and executive produce the new season, which looks set to continue the epic story of Samurai Jack. With the show’s reputation for its cutting-edge visual flair, not to mention the promise of a darker, more violent arc, we’re excited to see how Tartakovsky sends off the animation icon later this year.

Samurai Jack will hack and slash his way onto Adult Swim some time before the year’s end. While we await an official due date, feast your eyes on the stylish one-sheet championing the show’s return, below.


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