Friday 3 June 2016

Friday The 13th Reboot

Platinum Dunes’ long-awaited camping trip to Crystal Lake has been spoiled by one creative setback after another, with a handful of writers and directors becoming attached to the fledging Friday the 13th reboot, only to back out before the production could display any tangible sign of progress.

Platinum producer Brad Fuller comes bearing good news, revealing that not only is screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski cooking up a reworked origins tale for one Jason Voorhees, but the finished product will not be a found footage movie as previous reports had suggested.

He said “Aaron’s story has great characters…You kind of have to understand Jason Voorhees, so we go back and we kind of started over and work our way forward,” said Fuller. When asked to clarify it was an origin story, he stated it will be “Origin-ish, but it’s an origin that no one has seen before. Obviously Pamela’s there, but it’s a little bit different from what you’ve seen before

Since it was announced, Platinum’s Friday the 13th has become a hotbed for rumours and speculation, though Fuller was quick to rubbish reports that the horror reboot would adapt the found footage template, believing that it wouldn’t gel with Jason Voorhees’ world.

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