Saturday 4 June 2016

Hayley Atwell Hopeful Agent Carter Can Secure A Future Beyond ABC

Two seasons in, and in light of ABC’s sweep of cancellations late last month, Agent Carter is no more, with all signs indicating that Peggy’s cross-country trip to Hollywood could stand as our heroine’s final mission.

Hayley Atwell, series star and all-round MCU stalwart, remains hopeful that the period drama could secure a future beyond ABC. That’s even factoring in the actress’ stacked schedule, who now holds a recurring role in the network’s legal drama Conviction. Word comes by way of Nerdist, relaying Atwell’s comments from last weekend’s MegaCon event, where the actress issued something of a rallying call asking for one more season to tie up any narrative loose ends.

As valiant as Atwell’s call to arms is, the future of Agent Carter ultimately rests with the Powers That Be. Besides, the prospect of the actress’ brilliant spy joining the ranks of, say, Netflix would surely interfere with Marvel’s masterplan for the Defenders ensemble series – at least based on the platform’s current superhero-themed slate – even if the acquisition seems like a sure fit on paper.

For the time being, Agent Carter‘s immediate future remains up in the air.


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