Sunday 12 June 2016

Kiefer Sutherland May Reprise Jack Bauer Role In 24: Legacy Spinoff Series

Based on comments from executive producer Howard Gordon, this series may not be the reboot it initially sounded like. While Kiefer Sutherland is currently busy gearing up to star in ABC drama Designated Survivor, the door is apparently open to him making a return as the CTU agent turned fugitive.

Howard said “I do think the character has life in him, whether it’s a movie or if he intersects with this new iteration of 24:Legacy. I sure would love to see him at some point on the show, and I don’t think he’s ruled it out, either. I don’t know how public this is but we didn’t question or consider this being Jack’s last moment, Jack’s end. We couldn’t bring ourselves to kill him.”

According to Deadline, they’ve heard that Gordon and his team already have an arc in mind for the second part of 24: Legacy‘s 12 episode first season which could involve Bauer’s return. However, there are no talks taking place with Sutherland at the moment, so it may be a little too soon to start getting excited about this actually happening, even if it is a very real possibility.

So much time has passed that the long rumoured 24 movie seems highly unlikely, but Bauer’s story being continued in 24: Legacy is certainly an interesting prospect, especially after the frustrating way Live Another Day left things.


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