Friday 17 June 2016

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Adds Nick Zano As A Character

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow wrapped up with a major tease about the Justice Society of America becoming part of the time travelling spinoff series, and further evidence for that being the case has surfaced today in the form of a new casting addition. According to Deadline, Nick Zano will play Dr. Nate Heywood.

He’s described as an historian whose grandfather was Commander Steel, a member of the Justice Society of America. That may not sound like a particularly big deal, but it’s worth noting that Nate ends up becoming Steel/Citizen Steel in the comic books, so it won’t be remotely surprising to see the character embark on a similarly heroic path here.

Introduced back in 2007, Nate was a college football star who shattered his knee and became addicted to painkillers before he was transformed into a being made of steel. Just how much of that story is going to factor into Legends of Tomorrow though obviously remains to be seen.

The addition of Zano is the first of two major casting additions set to be made to Legends of Tomorrow for season two, after the departures of Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Captain Cold. It’s clear that The CW is building towards a full on introduction for the JSA and seeing what form that ends up taking promises to be a lot of fun for comic book fans when the show returns this Fall.


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