Tuesday 21 June 2016

Mila Kunis And Co. Get Rowdy On The Set Of Bad Moms

It’s February 26, 2016 and we are on the New Orleans set of STX Entertainment‘s R-rated comedy Bad Moms, which stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as a trio of mommies who decide to cut loose from the status quo. When we arrived at the Breaux Mart screenwriters and directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore were in the home stretch of the shoot, with only three more days left until wrap.
The film is set in the Chicago suburbs, and is about the three main women becoming friends after realizing they all have children at the McKinley Elementary School and are fed up with the PTA domination of the so-called “supermoms,” played by Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumalo. Kunis’s character Amy is trying to be perfect, with a husband that doesn’t help and a Type-A daughter used to getting gourmet lunches. Amy bonds with Bell’s Kiki, who has a controlling husband and homeschools her children. Carla (Hahn) is the wild card, using a hairclip as a roach clip, driving a beater car, smoking, etc.

“This movie blankets the whole topic of motherhood in a way that the message is there are endless ways to do it, and whatever way your gut is telling you to do it is what’s right,” says Bell. “It’s a unifying message that we all feel less than, frazzled and overworked. We’re terrified we’re messing up our humans, but that’s the beauty of this entire movie, it’s moms in solidarity.”

Bad Moms opens in theaters on July 29

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