Saturday 25 June 2016

Phil Lord And Chris Miller Praise The Flash Director

Phil Lord and Chris Miller were being eyed by Warner Bros. to direct The Flash solo film, Instead, they ended up just writing a treatment which Seth Grahame-Smith based his screenplay on, but the filmmakers have nothing but good things to say about the studio’s decision to hire Rick Famuyima.

He was hired after Grahame-Smith departed the project over creative differences, and Lord had this to say about why he’s a good fit for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie. He said “We work with Rick and have been developing a pilot with him for a little while and are really big fans of his and Dope. I think he’s a rad choice.”

Interestingly, Miller then went on to reveal that they weren’t hired to bring some levity to the DC Films Universe; that’s something Warner Bros. wanted for The Flash from the start, hence why the studio figured they would be a good fit to bring that sort of tone to the world of the Fastest Man Alive. “They had that planned for him in the first place. That’s why they were talking to us in the first place because that’s how they wanted to go with that character, and I think that’s why they came to us. He brings in new energy. Batman has to be kind of bummed out because his parents died and Superman is already established as a serious person and Wonder Woman’s angry about stuff. Stuff’s happening. But then you’ve got a guy who’s like, ‘Eh, whatever, I run fast!'

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