Tuesday 21 June 2016

#StoryTiesday The Accident (Episode Six)

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Five Months Before The Accident
Just like Tunde had concluded about his personal project that he was going to build a library for the town, he didn't waste time in carrying out his plan, the first thing he did was to show Chiucks the land that was given to him when he first arrived to know if it would make sense to build it there and after he and Chucks had come to the agreement that it was sensible building the library close to the school, he then went on to meet the Zaaki to discuss his intentions with him.
Tunde: Good afternoon sir

Zaaki: Ha corper lafia, yaya aiki

Tunde: Lafia

Zaaki: Alhamdulillah

Tunde: Sir I would like to discuss something with you sir

Zaaki: What is it corper?, I hope there is no problem?

Tunde: No problem, I just made some observations and it got me thinking about what I can do to help the children of this town aside from me teaching them in school

Zaaki: So what observations did you make?

Tunde: Sir I notice that whenever the students want to read they read on some of these mango trees and when I ask some of them they say it either they don't allow them read at home or probably because the house isn’t conducive enough for them to read

Zaaki: That's true, you see most of their parent don't really believe in this western education, they are okay with the Arabic school, that's why we are always happy when they post corpers like you here, so that when they see you people they might change their mind about it.

Tunde: I understand sir but they need to understand that western education isn’t bad and this children reading on the mango tree is dangerous. what if they fall down and injury themselves?.

Zaaki: We can only try to convince them but corper don't let me lie to you, that would be hard even some of them I know what we had to do before they could start allowing their child come to school

Tunde: Sir I think I might have a better solution to that sir

Zaaki: And what is that corper?

Tunde: I think we should build a library for them so instead of them climbing the tree they can always go to the library to read

Zaaki: library?  that a good idea but corper you know the school is a government owned school so getting the government to build a library for the community when they have not even finish the third classroom might not be possible

Tunde: Sir don't worry, I don't need the government to build it, all I need is your permission relation to the land I intend to use in building it

Zaaki: Are you saying you want to build it by yourself?

Tunde: Something like that sir, it is going to be my personal cds project so I would be working with the L.I. and together I know we can start with something. Also I have the intention of talking to the honorable, I am positive he would listen.

Zaaki: Corper this is good, so what land do you have in mind?

Tunde: The one that was giving to me when I first came into the village, it is closer to the school, I chose it because at least during school hours too they can also get to visit the library.

Zaaki: Bismillah corper, you have my permission.

Five Hours Before The Accident
Tunde was in his office when the girl came with the money, he collected it and made sure the money was the exact amount Yetunde said she was bringing and it was after this the girl also took her leave. Due to some other customers that came to do business Tunde didn't leave the office till 1pm which was when he headed to the bank.

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