Tuesday 14 June 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Accident (Episode Five)

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Morning Of The Accident
As usual he woke up around six in the morning and by 9am he was at work, on a normal day he gets to work before Yetunde but today she came in early as a matter of fact as early as 7:30am. She got a call from her dad the night before, he wanted her to get something from the office and hand it over to a friend of his who would be taking a 9 O’ clock flight to New York.
Tunde was shocked when he entered into the company compound and notice her car and as he was heading into the building he was wondering what could have brought her in so early that she didn't even inform him.

Tunde: Morning dear, this is unusual, you don't come in this early especially on a Friday, what’s up?
Yetunde: Morning sweetie, abi ooo very unusual but I got a call from dad last night he said I should give Mr. Balogun some documents so that's what I came to get
Tunde: Really, you should at least tell me so I could help get it when I was coming over shebi e urgent
Yetunde: Yes oo, it is important, Mr. Balogun would be going to New York this morning on a 9 O’ clock flight
Tunde: Okay no problem have you gotten it, let me drive you to the airport
Yetunde: Thanks dearie, you so sweet, that why I love you but I have something else you can do for me
Tunde: Anything for you my love
Yetunde: Remember that my friend I told you about, the one that was suppose to give me some cash, she would be bringing it today, so I was thinking you could help deposit when you’re going to the bank to make the deposit for the week
Tunde: That's no problem but I hope she would come early because I have to get to the bank before three make them no go close
Yetunde: Yeah she should, though I would give her a call now so she can come early
Tunde: Alright dear, don't let me delay you, it almost 8 and you sure you don't want me to drive you
Yetunde: Really I am fine dear thanks a lot, just help with the cash okay

Two Months After His Service
Dating Yetunde was something he had thought possible but managing her dad’s block manufacturing company was something he never saw coming. He knew her father was nice at least from what Yetunde use to say back then when they were dating but he never knew he was this cool, making him the manager of his company simply because his daughter trusts him, to him that's pure luck.
During the two weeks that Yetunde had the house to herself, Tunde was going there almost every day, after that first day he went there, the next visit started with Yetunde saying she was lonely or some other flimsy excuse like her car has fault and she has called the mechanic but his number isn’t available and if he could come help her out. Deep down Tunde knew they were all flimsy excuse but he didn't mind because, he was also enjoying her company and in a way he was already falling in love with her again.

The third time he went there, he made the bold step back asking Yetunde out again and she didn't even waste time to say yes, it was like she was already waiting for him to say it and it was after this that going to her house didn't even need an excuse anymore.

Tunde: You know I have been thinking about us, I know you won’t believe it but really it been nice seeing you again after all this years
Yetunde: Thank God you know I won’t believe, you that didn't even check up on me and don't  you give me that excuse that you lost your contact because I know say na those girls no make you get my own time.
Tunde: hahaha which girls? Honestly my phone was stolen
Yetunde: Hmmmm so you are saying while you were serving you didn't date any girl?
Tunde: Date during services hahahaha, how now, shey na all those Hausa girl way be person wife you won make I go date, make them cut my hand abi?
Yetunde: Hahahaha that's true na even north you serve self no wonder, if not I know say you would have corrupted those children. You would have used corper swag on them.
Tunde: hahahaha na u sabi, so what’s up with you?, tell me about the lucky guy in your life
Yetunde: Lucky guy ke, Tunde I am single as in capital S.I.N.G.L.E SINGLE
It was this answer that finally gave Tunde the motivation and courage he needed to ask Yetunde out once again and like they say the rest became history.


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