Wednesday 1 June 2016

Wolverine Originally Played A Bigger Part In X-Men: Apocalypse

Fox producer Simon Kinberg has weighed in to reveal that Wolverine originally played a bigger part in X-Men: Apocalypse. Of course, both he and director Bryan Singer opted to dial back the screen time of Hugh Jackman’s mutant. However, as Kinberg notes during an interview early drafts of the script originally toyed with Wolverine’s involvement in the blockbuster threequel. Mild spoilers to follow.

In juggling with Fox’s complex mutant timeline, Kinberg and Singer were cautious that cranking up Wolverine’s screen time would have ultimately interfered with Mystique’s role as the de facto team leader. 

He said “There was always a notion that we wanted Wolverine to be in the movie. We wanted to find a way to feature him in the film, partly because Bryan and I love Hugh so much. We love the character, obviously, and he’s such a huge part of the franchise. There were a lot of iterations of how Wolverine would enter and exit the movie. There was a version when he was going to come in at the midpoint of the film and be like the drill sergeant for the kids and take over as their leader. And we felt like that stepped on Jen’s role in the movie and becoming their leader”.

The producer then touched base with the Weapon X program that features in X-Men: Apocalypse saying “As we were, again, conceptually brainstorming the script, we knew that the kids were going to be abducted, or that a lot of our main characters were going to be abducted and taken somewhere. So we thought it would be interesting to take them to Alkali Lake, and that they would naturally, potentially… that the Weapon X program would be there, and maybe that was a place to find Wolverine”.


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