Wednesday 1 June 2016

Zootopia Now Stands As Second Largest Original Movie In History

Featuring a cracking voice cast, lush animation and an entertaining story at its heart, Zootopia not only proved to be one of this year’s early crowd-pleasers, it also soared close to $1 billion at the international box office.

That’s an impressive tally as is, but what really fired Byron Howard and Rich Moore’s animation into the history books was the fact that Zootopia stands as a successful movie, yes, but also an original one. In a report by Forbes, the outlet reveals that Howard and Moore’s adventure is now second only to James Cameron’s Avatar in Hollywood’s ranking of highest-grossing original movies; that is, feature films “not based on a television show, a comic book, a novel, or a stage play

This, coupled with the barnstorming success of Captain America: Civil War has ensured Disney’s box office haul for the year is nearing $4 billion in total. What’s more, Zootopia now holds the title as the studio’s 11th largest movie in history, and sixth non-prequel/sequel behind Avatar, Titanic, Frozen, Jurassic Park and Alice in Wonderland. Whether the latter actually falls into the camp of “prequel/sequel” given its largely based on the original animated movie is something we’ll leave to you.

Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Octavia Spencer, J.K. Simmons, Tommy Chong, Nate Torrence, Jenny Slate, Alan Tudyk, Raymond Persi, Bonny Hunt and Don Lake headlined the animated romp.


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