Tuesday 5 July 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Accident (Episode Eight)


Read previous episode @ The Accident episode seven. Enjoy episode seven below 

An Hour Before The Accident

Tunde: Hello dear, hope my call isn’t disturbing you
Yetunde: Not at all love, I have actually left the airport just heading to the mall to get some stuff for mumsy
Tunde: Ok that's cool....yes please that cab man can you send his number to me?, can’t find it on my phone.
Yetunde: Cab man, what happened to your car?

Tunde: Thought I told you this morning, the brake is faulty, i took it to the mechanic yesterday night after I left your place
Yetunde: Eeya you didn't tell me....anyway what about the cars in the compound
Tunde: At the moment none is available, they all went to make delivery
Yetunde: Okay...I would check my phone and send you the contact....by the way did my friend bring the money?
Tunde: Yes she has
Yetunde: 250 abi
Tunde: Yea
Yetunde: Okay good, thanks hun, I would send the number to you now
Tunde: Aiit bye

Few seconds after they end the call, Tunde got a text from Yetunde, she had just sent him the cab man number's but after placing a call the number wasn't reachable. He called the number like 7 times but it was saying the same thing all over- the numbers you are trying to call is not reachable at the moment please try again later.

After The Accident

Officer Takuti and Officer Okonta just got to the station and they met Tanko waiting outside for them. He had tried calling officer Takuti but his number wasn't going through and he was about calling Okonta when he saw them approaching the station.  

Officer Takuti: Oga (He said as he came down and walked to where Tanko was standing)
Officer Tanko: Why the delay?
Officer Jasper: Oga there was small holdup and it took us a little bit of time before we could make way to pass
Officer Tanko: Okay...This is what is going to happen now, Jasper would stay here and handle things while Okonta would follow me to the mortuary. I have called the D.P.O to explain the case to him and he said he might not come in till 5pm, so he said we should take the body to the mortuary and make sure we collect everyone statement before his arrival.
Officer Jasper: After taking the statement, where should I put them, for cell or interrogation room?
Officer Tanko: Interrogation room would be better but make sure you separate them, let the husband and wife be in the same room while the other man stays in the other room. Tell Klint to show you the statement just to make sure it is written in the proper format.


Yetunde has been worried after she had placed a call up to like 10 times to Tunde and he wasn't picking which is very unlike him. she got back to the company around past five hoping that Tunde must have been back for the bank but she was flabbergasted when she was told by the security man that he had not return. He didn't tell her he would branch anywhere after leaving the bank, this was why she was so worried because he always tells her his plan no matter how late it was, he would at least text her to let her know but today was different, no calls, no text, worst of all he wasn't answering his calls. What kept her on the edge was when she remembered the cab man and she placed a call to him hoping he would know his whereabouts but to her utmost surprise the cab man told her he had not seen him that he didn't even receive his call at all.  

Where could he have gone? What could have happened? These where some of the questions Yetunde was asking herself as she sat in the office waiting and hoping that Tunde comes in or at least returns her calls.

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