Sunday 21 August 2016

Reports From the Last Digital Marketing Training and Why You MUST Attend The Next One

Yesterday was a mind blowing and eye-opening day for some young Nigerian who desire to be professional bloggers and digital marketers as Absolute Hearts founder, Tunny Ogunnowo, hosted a practical training on digital marketing/blogging. 
The training, which henceforth would be held atleast once a month, is geared to empower young Nigerians and Africans in general (especially unemployed youths) on all opportunities available on the internet for financial independence. The training is targeted at every unemployed youth who is seeking to be empowered to be an employer of labour instead of being a job seeker and those who are employed by seek multiple stream of income. 

Mr Tunny Ogunnowo spoke on the need to empower youths instead of having them blame the government for lack of jobs stressing the need for youths to pay the price and take their lives into their hands.

In his words, ' It's a thing to organise a successful training and it's another thing to organise one that leaves the participants astonishingly impressed by the wealth of knowledge shared during the training. The dream is to empower young Nigerians with digital marketiIg skills and I won't stop until I've reached and impacted in the lives of thousands of young Africans.
The training lasted 7 whooping hours and no part of the training was boring or less relevant. You too can be a digital marketer or blogger. You don't need to be a graduate of computer science or whatever. All you need is passion. By the way, our next training will be coming up SOON so you have no excuse not to be there. Digital Marketing has carved out a source of income for lots of young Nigerians so the onus is on you to either keep blaming the government for you being unemployed or take action over your life TODAY. Think about it.'

At yesterday's training,participant were thought on latest and best practices in the digital space, piratical session on how to open a manage a professional blog, how to promote your blog to get huge amount of traffic, how to make money from blogging and social media marketing, how to create and launch social media sponsored adverts, qualities of a professional blogger/digital marketer, instruments and equipment needed by a blogger/digital marketer, how to use digital means to achieve organisational goals and objectives and so on

Photos below
 Some participants with Moyoor Ogunbuyide of Simmyideas
 Tunny Ogunnowo teaching on how to open and manage a blogger blog 
 Tunny Ogunnowo speaking on all money making opportunities available on the internet

 Practical session on how to open a blog and running social media campaigns

 Participants listening Tunny Ogunnowo speaking on qualities of a professional blogger

 Moment of selfies

 Participants listening to Moyoor Ogunbuyide of Simmyideas speak on his experience as a blogger
 Moyoor Ogunbuyide about to start a talk session on using digital media for brand awareness

 Participants watching a video of other professional bloggers share their blogging experiences

 Participants learning how to open a blog with wordpress and how to run social media campaigns 

 For the love of selfies

 A testimony from one of the participants sent via whatsapp to the host Tunny Ogunnowo

The next digital marketing training will be coming up soon (exact date will be announced before the end of the month). If you would be interested in attending,please call or whatsapp +2348027922363.

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