Tuesday 16 August 2016

#StoryTuesday: Adeleke Love Story (Episode Two)

This is the second episode of our new story series. Read episode one @ #StoryTuesday: Adeleke Love Story (Episode One). Continue reading episode two below.

He gave it all his best just to make it work and she also tried everything within her capacity but from the looks of things they weren’t the compatible soulmates they thought they were. Just like the way she read it in books, Princess wanted a long lasting relationship, a love that will grow and stand the test of time but as for Adeleke he didn't believe in love planning, he thought things would fall into place when the time is right. Princess never had any serious relationship (that's not to say she didn't fall in love) up until she met him again and this was a hindering factor to Adeleke who at least had more dating experience than she did. They spent two and half years trying to see how they could cope with one another, she was in Ibadan and he was in Ogun State, from midnight calls, to regular text and once in a month checking up, he did all he could but in the end he got stressed out and just like that the relationship ended.

One thing they at least both understood was the fact that the relationship wasn’t just working and the harder they tired the hardest it seem and this made their separation easy and simple. It was the same faith that brought them together that also separated them at the end, from Ibadan she moved to Ogbomosho and it was during this period they lost contact again. This time around it was Princess who found him but it wasn’t because she wanted to continue their relationship but it was because she wanted to do the proper break up with him. The guy she had been dating right before she ran into Adeleke in front of her church had come back, he had pleaded forgiveness and was really committed to the relationship, all these combine with that fact that the initial love she had for Adeleke had weaken given the fact that they one too many crack. 

We both know that our relationship wasn't working, I gave it a try then because the guy I was in love with wasn't in love with me and you know what they say about the devil you know. I know you would never stop loving me and for that am grateful but if you really do love me the way I think you do then you should let me go, I am happy with the relationship I have right now and I need you to be happy for me” she said to Adeleke when they finally had the chance to talk the talk. He tried being matured about it, he accepted everything she said and he tried to move on even though just like Princess said  he never stop loving her as a matter of fact he constantly kept tabs on her just to know when her window might be opened again.

Fast-forward to three years after that, Adeleke was in love again and this girl was his 'third true love' and probably his most cherished girl after Princess. Tutu was a very beautiful girl, dark skinned, she had a shape that would always cause traffic jam, in a nut shell she had everything a guy would want in a girl. They met at a friend’s party and after talking and exchanging contact they went out on a date and it was on their first date Adeleke asked her out. “I am sorry but I am more of a straightforward guy and there is something I would like to tell you if you won’t mind” Adeleke said during their conversation. 

I don't mind at all” she replied. 

Adeleke continued, “Right from the moment I might saw you, I knew deep down that I was going to fall in love with you and I have. I don't want to sound too forward but if you give me the chance of dating you I would be glad” he said. 

Really? date me? I mean we just got to know each other, I don't think I can do that not when I don't know much about you” she replied. 

Well I wasn't expecting you to say yes right away, I just wanted you to know what my plan for you is, perhaps what's there to know about me, I am a very simple fellow, feel free to ask me anything” he said back. 

And just like that they knew much about each other and two weeks after their first date, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. The truth about Adeleke was the fact once he sees a girl even without talking to the girl he has the tendency of knowing if the is single or not and also if she is in need of a boyfriend. This was what actually led him into talking to Tutu but after they spoke that very day, he fell in love with her.

Their relationship lasted for about a year and the half and as at that moment it was the best relationship he had ever had. He was so madly love with Tutu and she was also drunk in love with him. One thing about their relationship was the fact that they never had any form of misunderstanding or quarrels, they understood each other and apologise as at when necessary and when due, all these made their long distance relationship very close.  There's this one time they spent together, she had come over to his place like she normally does at the end of every month but this visit was very romantic. 

“Wow baby I never knew any one could make me feel loved the way have, I have really enjoyed myself this weekend, I don't even feel like leaving” she said on the day she was suppose to return. 

Throughout the time she was around, they were just indoors something that they never did, most times like that when she is around they would either go to a party or just go hang out. Before her arrival Adeleke had planned how the weekend was going to be, how they were going to stay indoors yet still make it as romantic as possible. So on the night of her arrival he cooked her a meal, something he never did whenever she was around and that was when Tutu started to suspect that he had a plan. 

During the meal she said “this food is sweet, never knew you could cook like this but pardon me for asking this but why did you decide to cook for me today? 

The answer he gave was simple and short, he said “because I feel like I haven’t appreciated you enough and I was thinking it was going to be romantic if I cook for you”.  

She paused her food, looked into his eyes and said “this is the most romantic thing any guy has said to me and this also is the most romantic thing any guy has done for me”. Without uttering a word they kept on eating their food as they kept taking a glance at each other. Making meals for her throughout her stay was just one of the many romantic ideas that Adeleke had thought of and by the end of the weekend it was understandable when Tutu was like “this is would be the best and the most romantic weekend of my life”.

For a relationship that had some much love and commitment, it was sad to know that it was their first major fight that eventually led to the end of the relationship. When she decided to break up with him she didn't think it twice as a matter of fact she did it in a very cruel and painful way.

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