Tuesday 2 August 2016

Update On Narcos Season 2

If the critically-acclaimed inaugural season of Narcos chronicled more than a decade of Pablo Escobar’s criminal empire, season 2 is set to be a much more focused affair, zeroing in on the final year of Escobar’s twisted reign.

With a premiere date booked for September 2 and a pulse-pounding trailer already on the interwebs, excitement is beginning to snowball ahead of Narcos season 2, and Wagner Moura has been soliciting questions regarding his return as the infamous kingpin. The latest tidbit to emerge hails from /Film, where the actor revealed that the sophomore season is set to trade a sweeping, epic scope for intimate drama.

Moura said “I think the first season is more epic, I think Narcos has this balance of the epic and the dramatic. The first season is very epic in terms of we really explain to people how the drug trade works. We have the voiceover, the real footage. We still have the same thing. It’s the same style but the second one, given the fact that it covers only one year of Pablo’s life, it’s very focused on Pablo so it’s more dramatic than epic.”

That means viewers will be able to indulge in the personality of Pablo Escobar himself, something that Moura believes will tee up plenty of emotional scenes throughout season 2. Also starring Boyd Holbrook as DEA agent Steve Murphy and Pedro Pascal as DEA agent Javier Peña, all 10 episodes of Narcos season 2 will be available to stream via Netflix come September 2.

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