Tuesday 22 November 2016

5 essential tricks for Nigerians looking to conquer online black Friday sales

Black Friday! This year, November 25th has been marked out by most online stores in Nigeria for the mind-blowing annual shopping event.  Originally known as an American holiday, the shopping tradition seeped into Nigeria a few years ago and has since become one of busiest shopping day of country’s holiday season. Unfortunately, it is not yet as widespread in Nigeria, and so very few sales are made in-store. Online shops like Jumia, Shoprite, and slots, however, have since started putting out promotions to lure as many people as possible in with the latest “must-have” deals.

No doubt, a lot of Nigerians are looking forward to this mega online sales event, but there are a few that are a bit hesitant to join in on the spree , as they consider the whole experience overwhelming and  have no clue as to how they can go about it successfully. For these set of people, Jumia Travel is on the rescue with a list of 5 tricks that will help anyone get a taste of the deal heaven tagged ‘black Friday’.
Engage in prior research 
A certain way to get the items on your list is to check out the online stores beforehand and do a bit of pre-shopping investigation to ensure you know how its website is structured – categories, sorting, checking out, payment procedures, e.t.c . Many of the stores already provide a list of the products or display the discounts they will be making before the sale begins and so exploring the store’s online shop allows you to check out where items are located so you know exactly where to go come Friday morning. Prior research also gives you a chance to compare prices of the items you really want between the different stores that will be offering them on discount come Black Friday.  It also gives you time to read up the product reviews. 
Understand the store policies before you make purchase
Ensure you understand the store’s black Friday policies. Some stores have separate policies for Black Friday than would normally apply on ordinary days. Consider policies on returns, use of coupons price adjustments, etc. Also, find out if you can buy and pay later or you necessarily have to pay online via credit card or other money transfer programs.  Most stores usually highlight these policies before the sales begin, that way you can refrain from making purchases at the store if you find the policies unfitting or unfavorable. Most of these online stores also list their phone numbers in case you want to call in for better clarifications.

The early bird eats the worm
Shopping online offers a completely different experience from shopping in-store. In-store, you can jump lines, steal from another person’s trolley, bribe attendants, hide products or even haggle; however, online, the computer does the trading on your behalf, the only way you can get an ultimate advantage is by showing up early . Arriving early opens you up to more options and gives you the opportunity to have your transaction processed early as online sales run on  a “first come, first serve” basis. Also, some store even offers extra savings to those early risers, while others give gifts and special coupons to those who log on early to the store. 
Divide and conquer
While you are online shopping for the items on your list, it is important to note that other shoppers are also online trying to get their hands on the same product as you. And in cases where the item is limited in number, you might lose out on your chance in purchasing that item if you were tied up purchases other items before it. While this problem is most time inescapable with online purchases, it can be curbed.  Recruit a friend or two to assist with your shopping for the day. Divide the list so that each person has specific items to buy. Each friend logs on to the shop’s website on different computers and buys whatever item is on their list. This saves time and increases your chances at securing all the deals you are keen on getting.

Utilize relevant apps
Most times shopping with the store app rather than directly from their website online might be much more advantageous. A lot of stores offer certain hot deals exclusively to their app subscribers as well as unique voucher codes, and so, using their app offers the user a wider shopping spectrum and gives a unique advantage. There are other apps that might be helpful to the black Friday shopper in Nigeria, these apps are mostly phone apps which can help you figure out which stores have the best deals as well as price comparison apps which help you compare prices in various stores before making a purchase.

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