Saturday 19 November 2016

5 Signs Your Kid is Likely To Be a Tech Nerd

Most Nigerian parents prefer their children to be take up or study lucrative fields like engineering, medicine, law and oil and gas. Hence, they tend to discourage their children from doing anything outside these careers. Except few ones who are convinced that this not what they want, they renege against their parents. While others do the wishes of their parents then go into what they really desire. A good example is Falz d Badh guy. He satisfied his parents’ wishes of studying law but today he is a popular entertainer in Nigeria. This by the way. Presently, technology is ruling the world and children are inquisitive. So, it will not be out of place to look out for signs your child is a tech geek. Jumia Travel share some of them.

They operate gadgets at an early age
Children learn fast. There are some of them when they get hold of your phone, they can operate despite their tender age. In fact, they have the natural talent to repair your phones. Then you should know that he has a tech membrane.
They think code
Most teen geeks are children who build their own apps. They are excited and passionate about coding at an early age and they can master this code that when they get to college they can write codes perfectly. Don’t divert their attention. Allow them to continue thinking codes.
They learn from failure
Tech geeks who have failed in achieving their ambitions of owning a tech website or an app easily learn from these setback. In the future, they know the dos and don’ts to be successful tech entrepreneur or geek.
They go the extra mile
Ordinarily, children of their age are meant to be engaged in extracurricular activities but they are not. You are different and they enjoy doing a wide variety of activities that us tech related. Just guide them to reach that tech goal.
They buy tech items with the money you give them
When you give a kid money, you expect them to buy confectioneries. But your child will not. They save the money over time and purchase the latest tech item. Don’t bother negotiating their career. They are already deep into tech.

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