Tuesday 29 November 2016

Actress Coco Austin Suspend Baby First Birthday Party To Mourn Her Dog

While Coco and Ice-T had a birthday party planned for their only child, daughter Chanel Nicole, as she turned one this week, the reality star mom announced it was being put on hold in light of their beloved dog Spartacus' death. 

She announced via Twitter late Monday “Cuz I've been mourning over Spartacus I put Chanel's Birthday on hold (which was today) I feel I need 2 honour Sparty before a celebration. He was my 1st baby with Ice. There'ller be another. I feel his life was way too short. He touched everyone. I love u Spart.” She first revealed the family's loss on Sunday, explaining the dog had died from complications during knee surgery.

Her husband of 14 years was equally heartbroken, taking to Twitter Sunday and Monday to air his grievances for his furry friend. He wrote “I never knew I could feel so sad about something.. Thank you for ALL your kind words.. Spart was my guy! I'm F'd up. RIP Spartacus, Spartacus was a Very special friend... You have no idea.”

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