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#AHTeenageExpress: Absolute Hearts launches new segment for teenagers called 'Teenage Express'

Today we begin a new segment on Absolute Hearts called Teenage Express, this segment will cut across gists and captivating stories about young minds of the 21st century, interactions between teenagers both in school and in the outside world. Stay glued to Absolute Hearts, as we will be dishing you stories on social virtues and vices among-st the teenagers of today. Read below to story of Fatima:

A girl born of a Muslim background all her life; she was taught the Islamic values and lessons all through her life in secondary school, she has always maintained her religious beliefs and she was firm on it.
Everything was smooth sailing as she never mocks or ridicule any person who isn't a believer like she is as many Muslims do.
Fatima, who was sometimes called 'Tima' by her friends, was a  complete Muslim introvert, gentle, reserved and easy going person who loves her privacy,  she’s never disturbed by her parents because they have upmost trust in her as they believe their girl can never be wayward.
She upheld their beliefs and she was straight with herself and her parents.
Tima’s parents missed a crucial point in her life,  which is her teenage.
She was a girl of  16  years and with her religious beliefs, she was never allowed to make decisions on her own.
Tima graduated secondary school with good grades and got into the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG); her university of first choice and she was happy.
With the believe that they’ve directed her in a religious way that she can never deviate, her parents  never bothered to talk to her on social vices in university, what they were after was for her to finish so they could arrange a marriage for her.
Fatimah got into university a fresher. Always with her veil, a bit naive, but she was fast in getting how the system works and she adapted quickly.
She was assigned a room and her roommates were much older in age and level.
Fatima, through the semesters,  still held on and was not ready to shift away or deviate but she’s an introvert and she never discusses her issues with anyone not even her parents, her roommates; the 'big girls' on campus.
Being the 'big girls', her roomies love to club, they smoke, drink exotic alcoholic drinks et al, they wear provocative dresses and she doesn’t see anything bad in what they are doing.
 But Tima just couldn’t do it as she sees it as against her beliefs.
 She later gave in by fantasizes herself in their position and she feels it’s cool. She started feeling some type of ways to her religious beliefs.
Her roomies behavior has started to rub off on her and even though she’s always quiet when they are around, she listens to their discussions about parties, sex, guys and drugs as a teenager with a bit sense of decency she doesn’t see all as thrilling, but she finds sex exciting as the girls have repeatedly shared their experiences on sex and as a young girl, she feels it is necessary for her to have such experience has she has begun to have fantasies about different sex positions.
 The highly pious Muslim Tima, started to slip away from her religious teachings and  keeps picturing so many things in her head.
During the end of semester, she goes home and still continue to give her parents what they want to see; a fa├žade, because she’s starting to feel like her religion is just a way her parents is using to curb her need for pleasure and with it, she could not fully enjoy what is out there in the world, but right in front of her parents they see her as the perfect child and they don’t even know what is going on in her or the changes or challenges she’s facing in school because she is not the type that talks. She manages to go through the whole break at home with the act.
 In her penultimate level,  after much battle going on in her mind as to whether she should disregard her religion and get lost in the world or she should hold on to what her religion has prescribed, she finally makes a decision which on her own end,  she feels it’s the best and wouldn’t be much of disregard as just trying and satisfying her curiosity would not cause any harm and even if it did, it would be something that can be controlled.
Finally,  she decides to enjoy herself for the first time, she started indulging her roommates in some of their discussions particularly 'sex'.
At first, they just thought she was trying to socialize, but to their surprise, she  told them she would  start to party with them.
 They accepted because she seems like a nice girl and they did not even bother giving her any orientation as regards sex as they had thought she wanted to just party.
Tima's friends got to the party and it was a normal atmosphere. She had already done some sort of research and with her roomies discussions, she had ideas on how to behave in gatherings like that.  The first hour passed then the party had start to become a rough ride; everyone was dancing and with her beautiful face and body, she was a quick catch for guys. Her roomies, who have now turned party friends, were busy dancing and boozing while she was searching for the right guy to make her fantasies real.
Suddenly, she saw a handsome dude at the corner of the club eyeing her, she noticed this quickly and smiled.
This gave the guy the confidence to walk up to her. Feeling cool with himself, Gafar said hi while the sexy
Tima responded with a big smile then, he offered her a drink which she also obliged, he sat with her, started talking which lasted for a couple of minutes, then he whispered into her ear, " Let's excuse ourselves from the noisy environment and have a serious conversation because I want to know more of you." She hurriedly held his hands like a bride walking down the aisle with her  beau.
 On her part, she wanted sex while Gafar was interested in knowing her better.  While outside the premises,  they sat inside his car talking. Then, she noticed the he wasn’t making any advances towards her, she started to seduce him; giving him some styles she had learnt from her roomies. When he saw this,  he didn’t object but rather pulled her closer,  had sex with her in the car without condom, he wasn’t able to penetrate because she’s a virgin but he eventually had sex with her, she was stained but she cleaned up and he dropped her off at her hostel.
 Tima found her first time painful but thrilling. Gafar had requested for her contact while on his way to drop her off, but she refused to give him.
Her friends got back and they were mad at her for leaving without saying anything, they forgave her as she lied she was tired.
After her first experience, she finds the feeling interesting.  Although, she felt her vagina had been bruised.
 Some days later, she went to the doctor to complain and she was prescribed some drugs, coming out of the doctor’s office, she saw Gafar, but she wasn’t too free to talk to him. He was not even bothered about her as he proceeded with his business at the hospital. While leaving the hospital she overheard the nurses saying, “ That fine boy just spoil hinsef go get stupid disease and he come get money sef.”
She paused for a second, looked around if anyone except Gafar had passed, but found out that no one had passed except him.  She however convinced herself that it might be someone else, then she left the hospital.
After some weeks of thinking things through,  she decided to take a test before she could further explore her sexual fantasies. She went to the hospital and did  a couple of tests, but to her greatest dismay, when the result came out, she was HIV positive.
After receiving the result, she was placed on counseling and treatment.  The scenario looked like a movie as she felt like the ground should swallow her alive.
Tima  left the hospital ashamed of what had happened and she couldn’t even explain or mention a name that made her feel more useless. She didn’t tell her roomies, she packed her bags and travelled home so ashamed of any reasonable explanation.
On getting home, she met no one, she decided to drink a cup full of Hypo and disinfectant. But she had dropped a note for her parents explaining her ordeal and her regrets as well.

Tell us what you learnt from the story and also keep glued to Absolute Hearts next week for another episode.

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