Monday 28 November 2016

Black Motion speaks on speculations by fans saying they're arrogant with their music

Black Motion have hit back at suggestions that they are stingy with their music, saying that they're simply selective about who they choose to work with. the group said that they had noticed how people sometimes think they are big-headed or arrogant with their music because they do not feature certain artists on their songs.

Thabo Mabongwane of the group said “They say that we are very big-headed or arrogant with our vocals but we never expected them to see it like that. The truth is, we don’t want our work to be just everywhere and to include everyone. It has to be with the quality that we want

The group are one of the most relaxed and humble acts in Mzansi, and they revealed that they like to work with people who are similar. “We’re not going to go with an artist because they are big or blowing up at the moment. We would rather go with a girl who is from the hood, who has nothing but the voice. Artists nowadays come with money and they expect the song to blow up, to trend, but they forget the art behind it. That's how we chose our vocalists, if you are chilled and humble and exchange ideas about music then we can work with you. But if you are coming expecting to just make money, we won't be on the same page.”


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