Monday 21 November 2016

See How To Detect The Fake Plastic Rice From China

It is no longer news that fake plastic and poisonous rice from china has flooded Nigeria markets but what many don’t know which is a good news is that according to the Korean Times, there are several ways to differentiate the plastic rice from the real one.
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The four steps are as follow
1.      Stir a tablespoon or two of the rice into a glass of water and observe. Authentic rice is more dense and will sink to the bottom of the glass. Rice formulated with plastic will float.
2.      Cook a small portion of the rice and place it into a container; leave it to rest on the counter. If after a few days, mold has not begun to form (as it should on actual rice) you know you have a plastic imposter.
3.      Be observant while boiling your rice. If a thick layer of residue is formed at the top of the water during this process – you may have reason for concern.
4.      Strike a match. When a flame is put to fake rice, the “rice” will emit a plastic or even sweet potato smell.  Yes, it will burn as you would imagine plastic would. So, for peace of mind – light it up.

Credit: Uche Usim
Source: Sunnewsonline

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