Friday 18 November 2016

Star Of How to Get Away With Murder, Wes, Says He Hopes Fans Are Pissed

The victim of How to Get Away With Murder's season-long mystery was finally revealed in the drama's absolutely bananas winter finale. You're probably freaking out now that you know his identity, as he's hoping you're upset about the whole thing.

Wes whose real name is Alfred Enoch said “I hope people are pissed by it! Because that shows they're invested with the story.  Thank you to those people, for doing that for getting invested and giving themselves over to the story and watching passionately.”

Creator Pete Nowalk had already made mention of the fact that someone was told us after the season three premiere that he's known for months that one of the main characters would die, he didn't actually make the final decision until the cast was shooting the seventh episode of the season and that's when he told Enoch the big news. The actor finally got the call while on set with four of his costars, after the meeting, he went back down to set and told them the bad news.

He said “It was very touching, I got the email when I was kicking it on set and I was like, 'Okay, I have to go talk to Pete,' and everyone was like, 'Oh god!' And I was like, 'I know, right? Pete was committed to telling us as soon as he found out, because it's not just a big change for the character, it's a big change for us, I felt really bad for Pete! It's a difficult thing to tell someone and it's a difficult thing to decide. It was Jack and Matt McGorry and Karla Souza and Aja they were sitting on a buggy at base camp all kind of chatting and waiting for me. I turned the corner and they were like, 'So?! People were sad and it was sad. It was difficult. It's difficult losing someone from the team in that way! It's not like we're never going to see each other again. It's been too long to be like, 'Okay, see you later, have a nice life everyone!' But just that realization that we're not going to have the [group dynamic anymore]…. I guess that's the thing.”

At this point, Enoch has made peace with what went down “To some degree I'm glad because it's great for the story, It's really sad that I'm not going to be around getting to work with everyone day in and day out as I have been for the last three years, but I think it serves the story.”
How to Get Away With Murder will be back when TGIT makes its triumphant return to ABC's lineup on January 19.


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