Tuesday 22 November 2016

#StoryTuesday: The Judgment (Episode One)

Hello, this is a season two (part two) to our previous story titled 'The Accident'. If you haven't read that story you won't understand this new story (The Judgement). To read the part one (The Accident) please click > The Accident (COMPLETE SEASON ONE: EPISODE ONE TO ELEVEN). Read the first episode of the new story below:

The Police Station
It was like a mad house the way Yetunde was shouting at the policemen in the station, she was furious with the fact that they said if she wasn't the lawyer she couldn’t see Tunde. It took the intervention of the DPO to calm her down as she was really raising her voice at the policemen and the policemen didn't even take it likely with her as officer Takuti threatened to lock her up if she doesn’t keep quiet. He said “Madam I go lock you up now, shey you no know say na station be this, dem no dey make noise ooooo”.

DPO: Madam it is enough, you don't have to raise your voice, step into my office let talk

Yetunde: DPO I am not going anywhere until I see my Tunde

DPO: you would see him, I just spoke with your father, so don't worry let's just step into my office and have a small discussion at least wont you like to know why we arrested him

Yetunde thought to herself as she concluded that having a chat with the DPO concerning what got Tunde arrested won’t be a bad either but before she went into the DPO's office she said this to officer Takuti and officer Jasper “wait till my lawyer gets here then we go know who dem go lock up, nonsense

Three Months Before The Judgement
His case had been delayed for three months but after spending two weeks in police custody he was granted bail as his girlfriend's father was able to help come up with the amount that was set, Mr. Balogun also stood as his surety.

His mom, Yetunde and her dad, where all at the police the day his bail was granted, they didn't waste time at the station, they left after Mr. Balogun had a conversation with the D.PO. Tunde was very quiet all through the trip back home even as Yetunde was talking he didn't give any verbal response, all he did was using body language to talk but that changed after Mr. Balogun assured him that he wasn't going to go to jail.

Mr. Balogun told him he had to be strong not only for his sake but also for the sake of his mother and of course because of Yetunde who had not had a proper sleep in the last two weeks. From the moment he was arrested, Yetunde had been all over the place. She hardly eat, she hasn’t even been to the office and to crown it all, she cries all night. It was her mum that did most of the consoling as her dad was just trying to be the man assuring her that he would take care of things.

While he was still in detention Tunde told Yetunde to make sure his mum wasn't sleeping alone because he felt she would be thinking a lot and that might just destroy her, so just as requested by Tunde, Yetunde felt it would be nice if Tunde’s mum move into their house and that she did. Tunde’s mum found it very difficult coping with the whole issue, for the first day she didn't eat at all, she couldn’t even sleep, her thought was how she would live on if her only son was jailed. In the midst of all these, she contemplated suicide as she was caught trying to poison herself, it took the fortunate intervention of Yetunde’s dad.

Tunde wasn't told about this incident till he got home, Mr. Balogun was the one that said nobody should inform Tunde because he didn't want him to worry. Mr. Balogun had contacted four of his top lawyers and all of them had started preparing their case though two out of the lawyers had told him that the case might not get to court and if it did they would fight for dismissal because of the evidence and circumstance that were surrounding the case.


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