Sunday 13 November 2016

WOW!!! Suicide Squad Makes $745.5 Million In Box Office

Suicide Squad, has now finished its theatrical run and we’re being told it made $745.5 million for Warner Bros., and that’s without China, as it didn’t open there. If it had, it’s estimated it would have brought in another $85 million or so, as Batman V Superman did roughly $100 million in that territory.

Stateside, Task Force X pulled in $325.1 million, which puts it basically on the same level as Dawn of Justice, which made $330.3 million. Worldwide, Snyder’s flick took in $873.2 million, which is quite a bit higher than Suicide Squad‘s worldwide take but again, BvS had China, and SS didn’t, so we’re kind of comparing apples to oranges here.

Also, keep in mind that Suicide Squad was a film that featured characters who were almost all mostly unknown before it entered production. I mean, sure, comic book fans were obviously familiar with people like Deadshot and Amanda Waller, and it certainly helped that Ayer’s flick was heavily marketed on Jared Leto’s Joker, who ultimately didn’t even play much of a part in it, but it’s hardly comparable to Batman V Superman a movie which featured arguably two of the most iconic characters of all-time in any medium.

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