Wednesday 30 November 2016

Yield Leadership Initiative releases first edition of the Yield Leadership Magazine themed 'Favourite Things'

We are excited that Yield Magazine is finally a reality and glad that you are part of our  maiden edition themed ; Favourite things.
Yield Leadership Initiative also known as YLI, @yieldleadership and Yield is a faith based organisation focused on ensuring young people develop their potentials and yield maximum results in life.

Yield Magazine is a platform Yield is using to do this. We are able to exhibit the potentials of young people to the world through technology. We will be showcasing young people with various potentials such as writing, editing , photography, art graphics and basically anything creative. 

We want to give God’s love to young people that they may be able to identify their potentials and realise how much God loves them. He has equipped them with so much so that they live a  life according to His will.

In the favorite things edition, Olusalako a sucessful comedian and actor is featured.There is also an exclusive interview with the founder Gaga Umukoro. Our readers will be enjoying articles  written straight from the heart of young leader's who also  experience the struggles of youthful living. They share useful information on'self-discovery, mental health, emotional-intelligence, leadership, showing acts of gratitude and how to take care of issues at work and home'. Readers should also look forward to the 'Be real’ segment, this centers on how to we can subdue our natural desires and honour God with our body. Tips are shared on how to save some money by stocking your kitchen with the right things. For those who love their intelligence to be tested we have the Sudoku game segment. These and a lot more are some of our favourite things at YLI.

It’s time for us to be intentional about being the best version of ourselves. The truth is that we are all God’s creations, His masterpiece, hence we are not a joke nor a mistake.  We are made with a purpose, hence have a promising  future. We have been loaded with potentials in order for us to fulfil our purpose. Guess what, the secret to a fulfilling and successful life is in fulfilling your purpose!!!

Join us as we showcase young women, young men, various potentials, leaders and most importantly have lots of fun.

Read the magazine online/ download a copy/ request a hard copy; write a review and share to friends and family.

Feel free to contact us if you will like to be part of the production of Yield Magazine.

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