Saturday 24 December 2016

5 Interesting Ways Social Media Has Changed How You Celebrate Christmas

Social media has changed almost everything including the way you celebrate Christmas. This is not surprising because there are smartphones everywhere and there is no way the traditional way of Christmas festivities can continue. So, how has social media changed the way you celebrate Christmas? Here are five ways.

Prep up your accounts
To put you in the Christmas mood is to prep up your accounts to reflect the season. You can simply change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter with Santa. You can even take a selfie of yourself wearing a Christmas cap.
Offer free gifts on social media
Many organizations and social media influencers make their followers happy by rewarding them with tickets and gifts. This is just to appreciate them. These organizations use this strategy to ensure their social media followers remain loyal.
Send season’s greetings
These days very few people send physical cards to friends and family. But with the internet, you can get Christmas cards online to send to your followers and friends.
Document festivities
Today, Christmas memories can easily be documented by taking videos and pictures of the festivities by posting it on Facebook.
Countdown to midnight
This may be unusual but some social media addict countdown to 12 a.m. to ensure they are the ones to wish their followers and friends to a merry Christmas. So, if you cannot leave your home to a countdown event, then social media is your best friend for Christmas countdown.

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