Friday 30 December 2016

5 Money Resolutions Nigerians Should Make Next Year

Nigeria is in a recession. This has made many to significantly cut their spending. So, as 2017 beckons, it is essential for you to make money resolutions in other not to fall into any financial abyss. In order for you not to be inundated and spend aimlessly, We encourages you to try these 5 tips for saving money next year.

Put it in writing
The very first financial resolution you should make is to spell out your financial situation. You can a few hours to take inventory of all of your financial accounts. This will go a long way in helping make reliable money decisions.
Use your smartphone to help you save
There are uncountable apps available to help save and at the same time watch your expenditure. These apps will help you analyze the way you use your accounts. It also allows you to compare how much you spend versus save. You can use
Start small
You don’t need to make any extreme financial decision at the beginning of the year. You should make small changes when cutting your spending so that it won’t have a huge impact on you.  With these gradual changes, you will have reasonable savings and at the same time get the best for yourself.
Look for ways to earn extra money
Another important resolution you should make is looking for ways to earn extra no matter how small. This will diversify your financial sources.
Reduce impulse spending
You should make it a habit to reduces the purchases you didn’t plan for. Your rule of thumb should be if it is not in your budget, you shouldn’t but except if the purchase or transaction is very important.

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