Friday 2 December 2016

6 Free Tools For Creating Business Surveys

Surveys are very key to the effective and smooth running of any business. Intermittently, you want to know what your customers think about you and at the same time improve your product and services. The benefits of conducting a research are infinite. Unlike in the past where you have to distribute questionnaires. Now, there are so many online tools you can use to conduct your survey. Interestingly, these tools are free and anyone can use it. Here are some of these survey tools.

SurveyPlanet is a fast and easy tool for designing any numbers of business surveys. If you don’t want to create a survey from the start, you can edit the 90 questions template provided. SurveyPlanet can help interpret and share results.
If you can’t use Survey Monkey, then Google Forms is available. It is absolutely free. You can create as many surveys as you want without any hassle.
Typeform is very attractive to use even though there is a free and premium version. Despite this, the free version allows you ask unlimited questions and answers as well as data export.
Zoho Survey is yet another nice survey tool. Users are allowed 15 Survey questions and 150 responses. If you have the money, you can buy the paid one.
SurveyGizmo is a survey software that is very responsive. You can collect any kind of data, get wonderful themes and reach anyone in any part of the world by using its translation feature.
Survey Monkey is one of the most popular survey tools. It is well designed and very easy to use. With the free version, you will get 10 questions, 15 question types, 100 respondents, and some themes and templates. But with Survey Monkey, you can’t export data with the free version.

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