Thursday 1 December 2016

How To Make Business Videos That Will Go Viral

Videos are no longer difficult to make today. You can use your phone to shoot it and simply post them on social media. However, for serious and professional organisations, creating a business video is not a joke especially if it is promotional. Business videos rarely go viral but if you follow these tips, the video will definitely get more engagements and views. This is a marketing strategy every company must explore as you don’t need to break the bank to achieve this. You should simply include it in your budget

Recording decisions
The question to ask is how do you want to record your video? You can use a mobile phone with a selfie stick. In other cases, you can use a High Definition video camera. The later is better because when the video is eventually produced. A poorly produced video will put off potential viewers even if it has a unique content.
Make use of the right celebrity
Hundreds of research have been done on the impact of celebrity endorsements. So, try to get a celebrity whose acceptance cut across Nigeria to feature in your video. Importantly, use right celebrities that will definitely sell your services or products.
Choose a pleasant place to film
You can decide to film your video at your business premises or choose a nice location in Nigeria. Whichever one you select, ensure that it will not disturb your filming. The location has a huge role to play because your viewers can relate with the place. For example, shooting a business video at Olumo. Regardless, remember that your product or service should decide where you want to film.
Creative content
Content is ultimate for any business video. It must be entertaining, informative and educative. Thus, as far as the content is creative and targeted at the correct audience, it will definitely go viral.
It must call-to-action
You are not just making your business video for fun. It is not only to create a buzz around your product and service, it’s for viewers to take action after watching your video by patronising the product or service. So, ensure that your video has a call-to-action.

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